A Place for Hunters of Exquisite Moments

A mythical island, a celebrated living. Live the most satisfying experiences for the palate, the eyes, the mind and the soul. From sailing excursions and caldera cruises, hiking adventures and food and wine tastings, a much-anticipated sojourn of ultimate immersion in local life is only fingertips away.

Sailing Activities in Santorini

The azure blue of the sea, a stunning caldera, long days of sunshine and crystalline waters make Santorini an ideal point of departure for a sailing excursion. Marvel at the imposing and steep caldera cliffs, visit the active volcano and make a swimming stop to enjoy the rejuvenating properties of the sulphuric hot springs, or sail against the golden sunset for unparalleled waves of genuine Santorini romance.

Hiking Rural Paths

Wear your hiking shoes to sway in island style and weave through age-old paths leading to scenic villages, vineyards and rural landscapes or beautiful cliffside paths standing face to face with the gleaming Aegean Sea. The renowned landscapes of Santorini call for adventure under the life-giving Greek sun. Discover a network of trails and explore Santorini on foot.

Wine Tasting Experiences

Delectable sips await serious wine lovers in Santorini. Experience the long and celebrated vinicultural heritage of the island and sample its impeccable grape varieties with a visit to a local vineyard and winery. The protagonists here are the delicious Assyrtiko wine with its distinctive acidic taste and the sweet and aromatic Vinsanto made from sun-dried Santorini grapes.

More Santorini Emotions

Escaping is never the same. Tailor your Santorini experience with rewarding recreational activities curated by local insiders. Ask the team of Santopaz Santorini Suites to arrange for you an exciting horse riding experience, a cooking class, a visit to a local farm, a guided island tour and many more local activities. Surprising and delighting the days will be, full of discoveries and pure feelings.