The Location of Santopaz Suites Santorini

Santopaz Suites Santorini is brilliantly located, only two kilometres from Oia, on the east side of Santorini. Lulled by songs of the surrounding nature and the view of the sea, which stretches in all its beauty on the horizon, the property enjoys exclusive privacy and peace. In short, “Do not disturb mode”, wrapped by idyllic vibes and coastal beauty.

Nearby Distances
  • Oia: 2 km
  • Finikia: 1 km
  • Airport: 14 km
  • Baxedes Beach: 1 km
  • Koloumpos: 2 km
Oia: The Fairest Village of the Aegean

On the northwestern tip of Santorini, the sight of Oia is a vision that seems to have popped out of a dream. This is an impossibly beautiful canvas of white and blue, dotted with the domes of island chapels, traditional dwellings gazing out on the caldera and maze-like alleys leading to sunset watching points. The epitome of Santorini magic. Explore it. Live it. Feel it with all your senses.