For Any mood And Every Occasion

Santorini is a playground for the senses; a paradise for the curious and the pleasure-seekers. The team of local experts of Santopaz Santorini Suites can design personalized experiences to fit every mood, occasion and desire to immerse into the beauty and flavours of this fascinating destination. Be it a private diner at your suite, a party for a special moment in your life or a delicious local culinary experience in a charming Oia restaurant, we have something for you.

Visit Anemomylos Restaurant

A visit to Oia is not complete until you’ve savoured the Mediterranean’s finest recipes at Anemomylos Restaurant. Set out on a gastronomic journey into a sea of memories and flavours that will transport your taste buds to the very core of our roots and heritage. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, delicious surprises are in store in the picture-perfect terrace of Anemomylos, where traditional dishes conspire with the freshest local produce under bougainvillea cascades. 


Taste this

Organize a Private Event

A quiet celebration with your tribe, an evening full of colour and emotion spent dancing until dawn, a birthday party or the wedding of your dreams. At Santopaz Santorini Suites we are always eager to deliver your desires. Celebrate special occasions and life events in a secluded dreamy hideaway, reserved for your dear guests only. Let us take care of the food and drinks for an event sealed with top quality and attention to detail.


Enjoy a Private Dinner

Delectable private moments for you to share. No distractions and no words necessary. Taste and bespoke atmosphere set the tone. Indulge in a wealth of fine tastes in the privacy of your suite. Book a private dinner for moments of lasting tranquillity and ambience at Santopaz Santorini Suites and have us arrange a special menu just for you based on your special dietary needs or preferences.


Discover the East Side of Santorini

Dive deep into the beauty of the most pristine part of Santorini, the mesmerizing east coast. A wealth of secluded unorganized beaches vying for your dive, such as the stunning Baxedes, Pori or Columbo beach, await to be discovered. Traditional settlements, like the heartwarming Finikia and age-old Santorini wineries, invite you to slow down and appreciate local life, while the world-famous village of Oia is sure to treat you to the most romantic caldera walks framed by Santorini’s sunset.