An Island Far From The Ordinary

Shaped by the forces of nature and time, Santorini exudes a wild beauty one has never witnessed before. This is a destination far from the ordinary, where the volcanic landscape that initially made the island so iconic, the rich cultural and culinary heritage and the life-giving sea and sun conspire with vibrant sophistication and the entire gamut of cosmopolitan experiences. Immerse yourself into its secrets and write your unique Santorini travel diaries.


The History of Santorini

Santorini took its current form after an enormous volcanic eruption in 1500 BC. The western part of the island also referred to as Thera, sank, resulting in the breathtaking caldera we see today, and huge tidal waves spread over the entire Aegean Sea. Discoveries indicate the existence of a remarkable Bronze Age civilization once centred in Akrotiri, which today hosts a fascinating archaeological site, while those who love a dash of mystery will tell you that the history of Santorini is closely associated with Atlantis, the mythical lost ancient city… Time to discover its seducing beauty and secrets. 


Sightseeing and Travel Gems

The volcano of Santorini sits in the middle of the caldera, on the island of Nea Kameni. Discover it on a boat trip or private cruise, visiting the neighbouring island of Palea Kameni as well, for a restorative swim in the hot springs. For romantics, Oia is the ultimate destination, where beautiful captain houses, blue-domed churches, and the castle of Saint Nikolas gaze out on the golden sunset. History enthusiasts will be thrilled to experience fascinating sites, such as Akrotiri, Ancient Thera and the archaeological Museum. Come curious. Leave inspired. 


Scenic Santorini Villages

Once you’ve marvelled at the enchanting Oia, its epic caldera vistas and labyrinthine lanes, you will be thrilled to discover that Santorini holds so many more secrets up its sleeves. Embark on an island adventure to weave through the alleys of scenic villages, such as Pyrgos, the erstwhile capital of the island, Megalochori, Emporio, or the cliffside beauty of Firostefani and Imerovigli. For some old-world nostalgia, don’t miss a stroll at the enchanting Finikia. 


Best Beaches

The coastline of Santorini is an attraction in itself. Here wildness takes centre stage in shores covered with volcanic rocks and sand. An orgasmic variety of colours and shapes, where swim-goers will find something special every day. From the other-worldly beauty of the Red beach and the stunning White beach to the calming vibes of Pori, Baxedes and Columbo, coastal living in Santorini is deeply satisfying. Take a dive.